What is client gate?

The client gate is an electronic governmental identification system that provides users with a single entry to contact different e-government service providers. The client gate can be established by anybody, regardless of nationality.

Which kind of applications can be submitted at the Consulate?

  • initiating the opening of the first client gate (which was not preceded by temporary online registration),
  • deleting previous client gate,
  • modifying the data of an already existing client gate.

If you have already set up a temporary online client gate, there are two ways:

  • delete/ unregister the online temporary client gate, or
  • do nothing, wait 30 days for the registration to cease, and then apply at the Consulate for registering a client gate.

Applications can be submitted only in person by prior appointment. Appointments can be made via the online reservation system.

The use of the online reservation system and making appointment is free of charge.


When booking, please select the “Ügyfélkapu” or the “Registration for online government services” case type.

The required documents and conditions:

  • valid passport or identity card
  • a document proving the applicant's mother's maiden name (e.g. birth certificate)
  • valid email address

The registration of governmental client gate is free of charge.

Following the registration, the client gate system sends to the applicant’s email address an automatic one-time activation code, which is valid for 5 days.  You can use this code to create your own password. After 5 days, the applicant can request a new activation code within 60 days using the "forgotten password/ elfelejetett jelszó" function. Otherwise, the registration data will be deleted.

During activation, the applicant must enter username and a new password, which is valid for a maximum of two years (a shorter validity period can also be set).

After creating password, the full range of governmental services is available through the client gate customer portal.